Casa Jacinta y Francisco

When you work with Ascend Communications you are helping children escape the circle of poverty prevalent in Central and South America. 
Casa Jacinta and Francisco was started on May 5th, 1998 by Bishop Cesar Bosco Vivas Robelo (great-uncle of Elena Murdock) The purpose of the Casa is to get children off the street and out of the garbage dumps to feed, educate, love, and catechize. Since the initial founding in 1998, the Casa has housed over 6,000 children and helped over 800 teens through its trade school learn skills to support themselves once they graduate from living at the Casa.

 Currently, the Casa houses over 500 children all formerly living on the streets or in the garbage dumps.

For every client we serve, we donate enough to support at least 10 more children at Casa Jacinta y Francisco.

 We currently support 40 children, aged 3-14 years. 

We give so that these children can eat without fear where their next meal is coming from, be clothed, have adequate school supplies, an education, and immunizations. 

Below are snapshots of the children we support.